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Needle shut-off (NSO) nozzles are used to process thermoplastics and liquids. Clean shut-off of melt and reliable closing during metering are the functions of an NSO nozzle. With the shut-off nozzle SYSTEM ENG was realized a professional single hole NSO, that meets all requirements for a trouble free and economic production of injection moulded parts.

The Needle shut-off nozzles SYSTEM ENG are obtainable in two types:

Type S, spring operated Type L, power operated
Advantages of the shut-off nozzle SYSTEM ENG

Easy construction

From few parts manufactured the NSO nozzle SYSTEM ENG offer substantial advantages in the handling

Easy assembling
Quick and easy cleaning
Trouble free production

Single hole technology

The melt is led central by the nozzle needle

Minimal pressure drop
Optimised heat transport
No shearing of melt

Modular system

Specific adapter for any client. The nozzle is always the same and is available from stock. This means shortest delivery time

Quick change of nozzle
Shortest delivery time
Most economic solution


Shut-off in the nozzle tip

No sprue, no drooling
Controlled, clean shut-off of the melt stream
Reduced cycle times

Compact d

less space

Flexible system

For a fast changeover to various tools and machines there are available different tip lengths from stock

Different penetration
Same nozzle tip