Type L


Comparing to the spring operated nozzle, the injection hole of the power operated nozzle can be opened at any time without any pressure lost. Opening and closing of the nozzle is controlled by hydraulic or pneumatic advise.
The reliable shut-off system separates the melt flow at a predefined point determined by the process. The control of opening and closing is integrated into the unit and very compact. The position of the lever can be choosen at any position. It can be manipulated also by pole or cable.
If the melt pressure exceeds 600 bar, the nozzle opens automatically (safty device).

Technical data:

Nozzle type L10 L20 L30
Max. injection flow for PS 500 cm3/sec 1500 cm3/sec 3700 cm3/sec
Approximate screw- to 30 mm 20-120 mm from 80 mm
Max. injection temperature 400 C
Max. injection pressure 2500 bar
Operation type pneumatic, hydraulic